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06/20/2013 - Healthy Beers

Numerous of beer's benefits stem from natural antioxidants called phenols found in beer, wine and lots of various other foods. While phenols do offer some health advantages, knocking a keg will not provide much even more than a killer hangover.

To assist you make healthier selections when indulging, we've developed a list of our 7 preferred, healthier beers, including some old-time favorites and some fascinating blends.

I.C. Light
Surprisingly, this light lager from Pittsburgh does not taste like water. At only 96 calories and about 4.1 percent alcohol by volume, it's a solid selection for warm weather condition that won't consider you down.
Unique ingredients: None
96 calories

He'Brew Rejewvenator '10.
Put simply, Shmaltz Brewing Co.'s beers are complete of shtick, as is the case with this doppelbock-dubbel hybrid brewed with 600 gallons of Concord grape juice (the kind made use of in the Passover-friendly Manischewitz wine). Gimmicky or not, this beer actually tastes good, proving that grape juice is simply as deliciously healthful in beer as it is in wine.
Unique components: Concord grape juice.
246 calories.

The Guinness ad men were a little overzealous with their old "Guinness is great for you" campaign. Still, I love to see the look of surprise on individuals's faces when I tell them that the creamy, malty Irish dry stout is really quite reduced in calories (126) and alcohol (4.2 percent).
Unique ingredients: None.
126 calories.

Okay, perhaps this is more charitable than healthy, however California's Stone Brewing Co. teamed up with Ishii and Baird Brewing to produce this beer to assist Japan's earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. It's brewed with antioxidant-rich green tea as well as a brand-new selection of hops called Aramis, grown in France's Alsace region.
Unique components: Japanese Sencha green tea, Aramis and Sorachi Ace jumps.
276 calories.

Eastern healers have long preached the medical properties of ginger, citing it as a homeopathic treatment for everything from headaches to diabetes. We're not stating you will not get a hangover if you consume way too many Good Jujus, but the fresh root that enters into each batch lends an enjoyable taste that's not dissimilar from unsweetened ginger ale.
Special ingredients: Ginger.
131 calories.

Missouri's O'Fallon Brewery imports toasted hemp seeds from Canada to make this black ale (the feds even make them test to make sure the seeds contain no THC, the euphoria-producing substance in marijuana). The seeds add a nutty taste to the beer, and they're said to be heart-healthy and can lead to lower blood pressure.
Unique ingredients: Toasted hemp seeds.
174 calories.

Boston Beer Co.'s "light" option is one of the couple of to far surpass its labeling. The rich feel in your mouth, toasty malts, and zippy hops are almost as robust in this light lager (119 calories) as they are in its big brother, Samuel Adams Boston Lager. For a bottle you can discover in about any grocery store cooler, you won't do much better.
Special components: None.
119 calories.

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